Welcome to The Local Website.

Hi and welcome, We are Kym and Mike.
We are from South Australia, and we have a love for emerging Australian music.

We both grew up in the 80’s with grassroots pub bands playing every Friday and Saturday night at every pub across Adelaide.

Our intention is to play unsigned, non-mainstream South Australian music.
We will also play signed and other Australian, but our focus is to get the local independent acts some airplay and to advertise their gigs.
We try to keep the show fresh with the long list of ever emerging local bands from both South Australia.

We are very proud to be part of 5 Triple Z, 91.1.

As promoting and supporting local music is what we do.  We are always happy to take on music sent in to us.   But we can’t play your music if we don’t know if you are there. 
The easiest way to get your music to us is to send in a CD, or get in touch with us via the contact box.

CD's can be sent to:

The Local
PO BOX 666
McLaren Vale, SA, 5171

Along with the CD, please include a bio
telling us a bit about yourself, your band, location etc.

If you have anyone you think we should hear.. please get in touch with us.
We Look forward to hearing from you

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